Frequently Asked Question’s

What information do I need to provide for a custom made cabinet or furniture?

If possible, we ask for a floor plan of the area where your new custom cabinets will be installed, or your furniture used. If a floor plan is not available, we are able to use rough measurements. It’s also helpful if you think about what types of materials you would like to use.

How do your materials differ from the materials used by other manufacturers?

Many other manufacturers skimp on wood thickness and material quality. Instead, we use top quality hardware and wood materials to ensure that your cabinets will last a lifetime of enjoyment.

What is the difference between your fabrication process and that of a modular company

MCM offers the best of both worlds; we use computer-generated templates to cut our parts down to the exact millimeter. We also employ highly skilled and experienced craftspeople to assemble our products.

Why should I choose custom woodwork over prefabricated woodwork?

While custom woodwork is often more expensive than modular cabinets, the level of service, quality, and precision cannot be matched by modular manufacturers. While we are capable of processing large quantities of casework, we choose to focus on creating quality custom pieces and our repeat customers have come to expect our quality.

Where do you ship/deliver?

We ship nationwide, including Hawaii and Alaska.

What do you make?

We create custom commercial duty cabinetry, and, in a nutshell, our products are built for durability and practicality. This is much different than what you would normally see in a residential kitchen setting. Our cabinetry is typically built with a plastic laminate finish for ease of cleaning, but, some of our products are able to be manufactured with wood veneers, as well.

Do you perform installs?

Yes, we can install our products if a client requests it. However, this is normally completed by the finishing carpentry crew, who works on-site for other tasks.

Do you offer engineering and/or drawing services?

We have an engineering staff that can perform room layout with cabinetry options for cosmetic purposes, within AutoCAD. However, our drawings are not intended to be used for any structural planning since our strength is not in that area of expertise.

Do you do custom work?

We specialize in custom work. Almost everything we produce is custom made and fabricated for a specific project. We have no catalog products.

Who are your customers?

We have a wide range of clientele, including general contractors, factories, assisted living facilities, hospitals, doctor offices, college campuses, child day care facilities, churches, banks/credit unions, hotels, restaurants, and more. Our projects vary from small projects to very large quantities.

What materials do you use?

We use a wide variety of materials, which are specified by the project architect for the construction of our products. We partner with the best vendors so we can find the best materials. We only use suppliers who have an understanding of customer service, as that is one of our most important values.

What is your lead time?

Normally, the answer is 4 to 6 weeks, however, it is possible to improve this time frame. If you provide the required manufacturing information from the GC or Architect, we may be able to shorten the lead time.

Do you have a showroom?

Unfortunately, we do not have a showroom. Because we operate in a national market territory, a showroom would be ineffective. However, we welcome you to stop by our office anytime you wish to take a tour of our facilities.

“Numerous successful projects completed across multiple states, thanks to the team at Midwest Commercial Millwork. Their staff is able to provide multiple solutions through creative design and a wide array of product offering. They’ve taken impossible requests and spent the time to design them and make them work for our projects. They are the first call for me when a tough or high-end project comes up.”

- Bruce D.

“We have worked with MCM on several projects. What makes them special is they look at your project like it’s theirs, suggesting small changes that can make all the difference in function and beauty”

- Janis

“Midwest has been doing projects for me for many years. They are unrivaled in regards to sales, service and doing what they say they will do. In my opinion, they lead the Millwork industry.”

- Denny G.